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Adobe petition

February 28, 2006

Tim Eason of has setup a petition to try and get Adobe to setup a chartable license for their products for churches. You can sign it here. Sign it and pass it along to someone else you know who could use the discount.

UPDATE: Tim recreated the petition so he could like it from his site. Please go back and resign here.


I win again!

February 22, 2006

Hey, check this out. I won a webcam from Skype. Where I have been trying to learn new things, I ran across book a while back talking about Skype and how to program for it. In the book, it mentioned the Skype blogs and I added them to my Bloglines account. One of the developers had a contest yesterday to win one of four webcams. You had to correctly guess the score of the soccer game yesterday involving the developer’s favorite team. I guess his team would win 1-nil and they did. I was one of two people who won. Now, what am I going to do with the webcam LOL.  I guess I will have to program something for it.


Dadbloggers post

February 15, 2006

My latest post on DadBloggers has been posted. You can read it here.


Podcast rant

February 14, 2006

Ok. I have been putting this off for a bit, but can’t do it anymore. I am not a rich person so, I was thrilled to death to get a RCA Lyra for Christmas. I can’t afford an iPod and don’t expect anyone to buy one for me. My RCA won’t work with iTunes, although I do have a subscription with them. That is not my problem. Why do people who do a podcast just use iTunes for their subscriptions?
Now, if I want to listen to this podcast, I have to come back to their website each week and check for an update and then download it. I know the majority of mp3 players out there are iPods, but how many people don’t have an iPod specifically?
I guess I just need to rant, but how many people are missing your content because you use iTunes only? How many people are missing your message because you just want to be popular? If you are a church, why are you shutting out lost people who don’t have or can’t afford an iPod?
Maybe I am just lazy, but it doesn’t take anymore to do both. In fact, you have to have the link for the podcast that’s not iTunes to send to Apple to make iTunes work.
Oh well, stepping off my soapbox now.


Quick and easy question

February 10, 2006

Quick and easy question for you. Anybody know of any churches that have a ministry for mothers of multiples?


Willow Podcast?

February 8, 2006

One thing I have gotten into this year since getting my MP3 player is podcast. I was listening to a few before hand, but now I am more interested and keep looking for new ones to listen to. I was searching for something different this morning and landed on the Willow Creek website and was wondering if they had a podcast. I didn’t see anything on the weekend services page so I thought, maybe just search it.

Well, it looks like they are testing one now. The address is here and they do have one file up there. A sermon by Mike Breaux. The address doesn’t look like to be the one they will use as it says test in it, but looks like we can expect one soon.



How do you learn new skills

February 8, 2006

How do you learn new skills? I have been working on learning some programming skills lately. Visual Basic. I have a background from high school programming Basic. I have purchased a couple of books and my team lead here is ok with it. He has written a tool that helps us in our job here and I have written a couple of apps to help us patch and update our anti-virus software for new machines and reloaded machines before they get on the network. The books are ok but I have mainly relied on code I have found online to do certain task within my app.

So, how do you learn new skills? Do you find stuff online? Buy books or just jump in head first with something and go at it?