Book review:10 Things I Hate About Christianity

June 13, 2009

I would say I want to take a break from my regular blogging to post this book review but considering I haven’t posted in a while I think I have taken a long enough break as it is 🙂 Anyway, I do want to post this book review of “10 Things I Hate About Christianity” I first had contact with Jason through a blog we both participated in call dadbloggers.com.I have always reading Jason’s post and his book is great. So here is the review 🙂 Enjoy.

Oh yea. One more thing. You can  purchase Jason’s book at his website. He is currently offering his book for a price of 2 copies for $20. One for you and one for a friend 🙂

We all struggle at times with our faith and we sometimes have problems explaining our faith to others. Jason’s book covers some of the biggest problem areas we face as a Christian. No matter if it is faith, heaven, hell or 7 other areas, Jason goes over each and why it is hard for him believing in these areas. Jason is very transparent in his writing and in his life on why these are important for us. Jason talks about friends he has lost to his relationship with his dad and his wife. This is Jason’s first book but it is well written. The thing I liked is that these are also many areas I struggle with. Sometimes I don’t think of how my struggles in these areas affect people around me but after reading this book I see how they do. I need to go back and study this book now so I realize how much my actions impact those around me, Christians or not. This book really needs to go on your list to read and soon.


One comment

  1. This sounds like a great book – and he’s from Strongarm, too; makes me want to read it even more.

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