Fast food experiment

February 5, 2009

Ok. I tried something different the other night. During the ice storm we had, we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. I love eating there. It’s a good clean place to eat that is Christian based. The people are nice and the service is excellent but enough of the advertisement. 🙂

I love the chicken sandwiches there but the waffle fries, well I can do with them. I knew though if I didn’t eat them then I would be hungry later and would eat something else and that wouldn’t be good either. So instead of getting a meal deal or a value meal or what ever they call it, I decided on getting two chicken sandwiches and no fries. Lets see the numbers.

1 Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich – 430 calories, 17g fat and 31g protein
1 order of waffle fries – 420 calories, 6g fat and 5g protein

If I had gotten the fries then my total would have been 850 calories, 23g fat and 36g protein while the two sandwiches were 860 calories, 34g fat and 63g of protein.

I looked for a nutrition guide there but couldn’t see one. I may not have done it if I had known the fat content of the fries were that low but I was much happier with my meal. I guess the one good thing was the fact that I was trying to see different ways of eating and trying to modify how I eat. I have to break these habits and that only comes by working hard and making yourself change. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time but it is something worth fighting for.




  1. Take it from someone in the business of preparing healthy meals, stay as far away from fast food as possible if you’re intent is to eat healthy. let that be your first step in behavior modification.

  2. Kent,
    Yea I know. That’s been the hardest for me but I’m trying. I just posted on preparing breakfast on the go, so if you have any good recipes, I would appreciate them 🙂 Thanks.


  3. Thanks SO much for this blog entry. I had no idea. Really put things in perspective!

  4. Heidi,
    One part of it is how Chick-fil-a prepares their waffle fries. By comparison, a large order of fries from McDonalds contains 500 calories, 25 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. With those numbers, the two sandwiches would have been better 🙂

    I still agree with Kent in that eating behavior is best. The thing is with three kids who are playing sports, sometimes you have to find what you can to fit your diet because you never know where you will end up eating.


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