Workout music

January 26, 2009

I have used Spiralfrog.com for downloading music here lately. It’s free music but you have to visit their site every so ofter and renew your account or your music license runs out. It can be a pain but hey, its free. Well after rebuilding my laptop with Windows 7 beta, I lost my license. It took a while but I finally got it renewed.

So now I have my music back and have put together a workout playlist. It’s a combination of 80’s hair metal and christian with some Toby Keith mixed in.

So, what’s your workout mix? Share a sample of your music here 🙂 What song really motivates you to workout?




  1. For workout music, I turn to my husband’s favorite selections — loud, loud, loud “boy stuff.” From my own CD collection, I also pull Charlie’s Angels first movie soundtrack, which has similar music on it that my husband likes.
    Obnoxiously loud = harder workout.

  2. Heidi thanks for the list. I have to go back and redo mine again after Spiralfrog went under so all of my music died with it. I guess that what you get for free music 🙂

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