Water pipes and email subscriptions

April 11, 2007

Ok so what happens when you have a couple of weeks of 80 degree weather when spring starts? You start doing stuff outside the house, you know, planting flowers and such. And to water them what do you do? You drag the water hose out to water them. Then what should you do if you have a record cold spell? Disconnect the hose. What didn’t we do. You got it, disconnect the hose. Now we have a small leak. Part of the floor in the house is wet. It only leaks when the faucet is on so that is good. Have to look into it some more to see where exactly the leak is at. I can see it leaking up under the crawl space. But fun stuff. 😦

Also, I hadn’t posted this in a long time but thought I would do it again for any new readers. At least I hope I have a few new ones 🙂 You can subscribe by either clicking any of the icons on the right side of the blog using your favorite reader of you can enter your email address in the form here and receive it by email. Have a great week. Time to start drying out the house

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