Family Day

March 4, 2007

Well, what started out as a quick trip to Barnes and Noble ended up as a family day out. Keep in mind that they are across town and in reality they are across the next town. I was wanting to look for some books to learn some stuff for work and thought I would try the library first but no luck. By this time it was lunch time and a stop for some pizza and then to Barnes and Boble. After a while there with still no luck on the books we decided to head back home but the boys all fell asleep in the van.

The boys never nap good after they fall asleep in the van first so I dropped Misty off at Once Upon a Child to look for some summer clothes for the boys while I stayed in the van with them. Still asleep after she was finished, I stopped by CompUSA to look some. By this time, it was to late to go home if we were goign to go to church tonight so we went to get some ice cream and then to church.

One more stop after church, WalMart and finally home. We left home around 9 or so in the morning and got back around 8. It was a good day out. It was the first weekend in church where Misty and I could worship togheter since the first of January. I have had to fill in some in production for all of February so it was good for us.

Next weekend though, dropping the boys off at the grandparents while we go to the Smokies for a aniversay weekend getaway.



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