A surprise visit

April 11, 2006

I made a surprise visit to my wife and oldest son today. Colby’s preschool class had a small and I mean small Easter play this morning. It was only 10 to 15 minutes long. I mean, how long can you keep a bunch of three, four and five-year olds on stage singing and such. Misty only found out for sure last night when it was. Colby came home with a sheet two weeks ago with his lines on it. His lines were only about 10 words if that much and were to be spoken with about two others in his class.
When I got there, I tried to call Misty but she didn’t have her phone with her. Or at least I don’t think she did as she was already on her way to the chapel. So I stood in the door trying to find her and turned around and there she was. She was like, “what are you doing here?” I told her I wanted to see the play so after she talked to one of the parents, we found a seat and waited. It took Colby a couple of minutes, but he seen us when he walked in. Of course, being the three-year-old, we waved. And of course, with us being parents of a three-year-old, we waved back.
He did what we expected. Said his lines, but didn’t sing and just stood there when they were singing. He is not much into the public in front of everybody stuff. But anyway, it was fun and after it was over, we had a quick snack and they headed back to class while I headed back to work. It was a good break from work.


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