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Dealing with Tech Arts Burnout! – Part I

January 6, 2006

Anthony Coppedge has a great entry today about working in tech and not worshiping. As one who went through this, I can say that Anthony is 100 percent correct in his assessment. I can’t wait to read the next entry on how to avoid the burnout which will come with not worshipping.


Did Jesus exist?

January 5, 2006

A man in Italy is suing a priest in Rome saying that Jesus didn’t exist and that the church shouldn’t be teaching about him. The man is an atheist and actually went to same seminary as the priest. You can read about it on CNN



January 3, 2006

Just playing with more stuff. I created a Frappr map for my blog so go add yourself so I can see where everyone is.

UPDATE: One of these day I will learn that if Paul and I are both involved in the same group to let him add himself to Frapper first. We are both in the same town so his entry gets put on top of mine


States I’ve visited

January 1, 2006

Thanks to Jim Walton for this. 14 states out of 50. I guess I need to travel more. Long way from Jim’s 33 🙂

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