January 30, 2006

Well, I’ve been tagged. Rod Pearcy tagged me with the four things questions so here are my answers. I sort of feel honored to be mentioned in the same post as Terry Storch.

1. Four Jobs I’ve Had– IT Deskside support, Sports Editor, Chief Photographer and Car Salesman
2. Four Movies I can watch over and over-Top Gun, Running Scared, Back to the Future (any of the three) and Star Wars (Any of the 6)
3. Four Places I have lived-Nicholasville, Ky., Richmond, Ky., Barbourville, Ky and Cincinnati, Ohio.
4. Four Shows I like to watch- West Wing, Las Vegas, NCIS and Amazing Race
5. Four Foods that I like-Steak, Pizza, Fajitas and very hot and spicy chili.
6. Four Websites I Visit Daily-Bloglines.com, Churchmedia.net, Southland Christian and EKUPride.com
7. Four things I want to do before I die– Take my kids to Disney World, Work for a church IT dept., Take Misty on a week long Cruise and go storm chasing. Although my wife thinks I am nuts for that last one.
8. Four People I’m tagging- Paul Podraza, Jim Walton, Jason Powell and fellow West Wing fan Brian Bailey. I would have tagged Kevin Young, but he would just complain on how he didn’t have time due to getting married this weekend. 🙂


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